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Dates contained within this website may differ based upon session start dates. The official WSU Academic Calendar lists dates and deadlines for the full (15 week) semester/term. Drop and withdrawal deadlines for less than full semester sessions can be found here: Deadlines: Drop, Withdrawal, Pass/Fail, and Audit | Office of the Registrar (

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Enrollment Change Form

  • Students presenting a paper enrollment change form to the Registrar's Office will be re-directed to the department for enrollment. In order to minimize inefficiency, please do not refer students to our office other than to submit an approved pass/fail grading request or audit request

Student Adjustments to Schedule

  • Students should be encouraged to adjust their course schedules themselves when possible. This ensures there are no questions regarding enrollment changes at a later date.


  • Students who have questions about prerequisites need to contact the department offering the course. Department personnel who have questions about how prerequisites function in myWSU, should contact Becky Bitter, 335-4766 or
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