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Final Grades

  • Final Grade Rosters will be generated on Saturday of week 13.
  • Final Grade Rosters regenerated on Saturday of week 15 in the evening, to include students who have been added to class sections in the last two week
  • Final Grades Due on Tuesday after final exams week by 5 pm.
    • If you missed the Final Grades Deadline see ‘How to Submit Final Grades after Deadline’ dropdown.

Grade Roster Access

Final Grade Basics

myWSU Final Grade Submission

Canvas Final Grade Submission

Missing Final Grades Report

The Grading Deadline is IMPORTANT!

Changing Final Grades Prior to 5pm Deadline

How to Submit Grades after the Deadline

Grades Submitted Through the Grade Roster

Incomplete “I” Grade FAQs

Final Grades, Z, X and Blank (No Grade) Grades

700/702/800 Credits for Graduate Coordinators

Viewing Final Grades




Final Grades
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