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Request Grade Update (RGU) form

This online form replaces the Supplemental Grade Form.

The Request Grade Update (RGU) form is for instructors or individuals authorized to act on behalf of the instructor.  After the grading deadline, instructors and authorized individuals (including departmental coordinators and graduate TAs) may submit a request to correct a grading error, report an omitted grade, or replace an (I)ncomplete or X grade.  When required, the chair of the department is notified.

Only requests from instructors and authorized individuals will be processed.  Note:  Your name and WSU ID will be recorded when you submit this form. Any unauthorized grade submission will be reported to the Center for Community Standards and other appropriate authorities for disciplinary action.

Dashboard to view progress of RGU

If you have a free Smartsheet account, you can view your RGUs in our dashboard. You will only be able to view rows with your email as the listed user type: Instructor, Coordinator, Submitter, or Department Chair. If the individual views are blank, then there is not a submission that has your email. Email us to be added as a free user to the Registrar Smartsheet account.

The RGU Dashboard for Instructor, Coordinator, Submitter, or Department Chair

Request Grade Update
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