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Grade Roster in myWSU

Starting Fall 2022, department personnel who previously were listed as Admin Support in Maintain Schedule of Classes (MSC) will have access to the Grade Roster in myWSU through the role SR 59 - Enter Grades based on Academic Organization security. This access replaces the previous Admin Support access that was added to MSC in the Meetings tab by section. Grade access in Canvas can be added via Maintain LMS Users for grade access.

Using Grade Roster

Detailed instructions for using Grade Roster are available in ESG's Confluence.

Navigation to Grade Roster by Role


  • myWSU > Faculty Center > My Schedule tab.
  • Every course available for grading will be visible.

Teaching Assistants

  • myWSU > Main Menu > Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule tab.

Department Coordinators or Schedulers


Using Grade Roster

  • Search Criteria: Find the class section.
  • Select the Grade Roster tab.
  • Scroll through the pages to find the correct type of grade (mid-term, finals, etc.)
  • Student grades are visible if they have been posted
  • If a grade roster is not visible, there may be no students enrolled or the roster has not been generated.

Grading Responsibilities

  • Instructor: The course Instructor is responsible for submitting grades for their courses by the deadline. More information about grading deadlines. If the deadline is missed, the instructor must submit a Request Grade Update (RGU) form. 
  • Department: The department coordinator/scheduler is responsible for ensuring that an instructor is assigned to each course prior to the last day of instruction. The instructor will not have access to the Grade Roster if they have not been assigned prior to the last day of instruction. The OBIEE Data Validation Reports can be used to find courses without instructors assigned.
Grade Roster
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