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Past Meeting Agendas

January 10, 2023

Presenter: Tyson Dickman, Smartsheet CSM

December 14, 2022

Presenter: Aaron Papin, Student Affairs, Pullman, Award registration and RSVP form

November 15, 2022

Presenter: Tania Swanger, Pullman Registrar's Office Registration & Enrollment forms

October 12, 2022 Agenda: Smartsheet Engage 2022

Presenter: Jill Freuden, HEP System Administrator

Tri-Cities Group Demo

September 14, 2022: Presentation: Aaron Brumbaugh, Tri-Cities IT

  • Demonstration of how TC is using SS in IT and other areas.


August 10, 2022: Presentation: Jill Freuden, Registrar's Office

  • Must be Admin to create/view workflows
  • Plan your workflow in advance - Jill uses a flow chart
  • Use Notes or text application to write the custom messages
  • Use short names for columns
  • Set settings to allow the workflow to go outside the shared group
  • Add a test email column and hide it in your form
  • Add a Latest comment column
  • The order of your columns in the sheet determines the order the columns are displayed in a message or update request.
  • Keep the workflows short
  • Name the workflows so that you know what they do
  • Use a separate Archive column so that you can move rows back to the main sheet.
  • Save as New to create Archive - but do it as late as possible and make a new one after your finish testing. DO NOT COPY WORKFLOWS in the Archive.
  • Update Requests are handy: Name them so that you know which one you're receiving when you test and so that the person receiving knows why they are getting it.
  • Some people will prefer to work in the sheet: Conditional formatting and colors make this easier.

Dynamic View Demo

July 13, 2022: Getting Started

  • Higher Education Plan costs, renewal information
  • Presentation: Jill Freuden, Registrar's Office - Dynamic View demo
    • Dynamic View is a premium application available with the Higher Education Plan
    • Dynamic View allows access to a Smartsheet sheet based on certain parameters. In our example, the sheet is limited by email address in a field. Only logged in user who's email address is listed can see the information in the row. I can determine what information this user sees and what information can be edited.
    • The Pullman Registrar's Office uses Dynamic View for the Special Enrollment Request form and Request Grade Update form. Listing of Dynamic Views in use.
    • Create a form from a sheet and publish it.

Meeting Recordings

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