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Employee Tuition Waiver

Dates contained within this website may differ based upon session start dates. The official WSU Academic Calendar lists dates and deadlines for the full (15 week) semester/term. Drop and withdrawal deadlines for less than full semester sessions can be found here: Deadlines: Drop, Withdrawal, Pass/Fail, and Audit | Office of the Registrar (

Course Exceptions

The following classes are not covered under the tuition waiver program: Internships, tutorials, private lessons, practicums, classes delivered 100% online without any on-campus component, self-sustaining courses, independent study including courses numbered 499, 600 and 701. However, an individual participating in the tuition waiver program may pay the regular tuition to enroll in these classes.

See Academic Scheduling for examples of Distance Delivery vs blended Global courses in myWSU and Schedule of Classes as well as other helpful information.


  • Individuals not enrolled the previous two semesters must reapply for admission.
  • Contact the Office of Admissions or the Graduate School for admission information.


  • Must have permanent status by 10th day of class (HRS will verify).
  • May be used for up to six semester credits of eligible classes.
  • Individuals may enroll for additional credits, but tuition and mandatory fees for only the first six credits associated with the eligible courses are waived
  • Last day to submit the Employee Tuition Waiver Form is the 2nd Friday of the term.

Tuition Waiver Key Essentials


  • Applicants must be admitted to WSU & pay the admission application fee to be eligible
  • Applicants must be employed ½ time or greater

Not Eligible

  • Adjunct professor or visiting professor
  • Classes offered through Global Campus or blended with Global Campus are NOT eligible for the waiver


  • Required: Student, HRS, & Department Head (Supervisor)
  • Authorizations required as needed: Instructor’s approval if adding a class after the 5th day of the term, enroll as audit, or time conflict

    Department Chair (of the course you wish to enroll) approval is needed if the class is full 

    Department approval (of the course for you wish to enroll) is needed if you do not meet pre-requisites 

    Departmental approval (of the course for you wish to enroll) is needed for department consent required 

Employee Tuition Waiver
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