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Dates contained within this website may differ based upon session start dates. The official WSU Academic Calendar lists dates and deadlines for the full (15 week) semester/term. Drop and withdrawal deadlines for less than full semester sessions can be found here: Deadlines: Drop, Withdrawal, Pass/Fail, and Audit | Office of the Registrar (

Midterm Grades

  • Midterm Grade Rosters will generate at the end of week 6.
  • Generated for undergraduate classes only; rosters are not generated for the Graduate career.
  • Generated for full-term classes only; classes within sessions do not require mid-term grades, therefore grade rosters are not generated.

Deadline to submit Midterm Grades via myWSU is Wednesday of week 8 by 5:00pm.

NO Midterm Grades will be accepted by the Registrar’s Office after the deadline. Instructors not submitting grades by the deadline are encouraged to communicate progress directly to the student. 

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Information on Midterm Grades

Submitting Midterm Grades by Deadline

Instructions for Submitting Midterm Grades

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Midterm Grades, Z, X and Blank (No Grade) Grades

Midterm Grade Status Report

Changing Midterm Grades

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Midterm Grades
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