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Dashboard in Smartsheet

Dashboards with user specified views are available as listed below. Content is visible when the user is logged into Smartsheet and their email address is contained in the specified field. Some dashboards offer views for several different types of users, such as the SER dashboard wish gives access to Advisors, Global SER approvers, and others.

Intercampus Enrollment

Request Grade Update (RGU)

  • Request Grade Update (RGU). Shows processing status of a request by Submitter, Instructor, RGU Viewer, Department Coordinator, or Department Chair. Viewers have access to download attachments.

Special Enrollment Request (SER) 

  • Special Enrollment Request (SER). Shows processing status of a request by Advisor, Global SER Approver, Pullman Department Approver, and Access Center. Active requests may be edited.

Email Master lists

Global Missing Instructor

Access Center View

Smartsheet Free User Account

To use these views, you must have a free Smartsheet account. You do NOT need a Smartsheet license. You may be signed up for the free trial; it will convert to a free user once it expires. Alternatively, email and she will manually add you to the Registrar account as a free user.

Smartsheet User Group

If you would like to join the WSU Smartsheet User Group, visit our page.

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