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Dates contained within this website may differ based upon session start dates. The official WSU Academic Calendar lists dates and deadlines for the full (15 week) semester/term. Drop and withdrawal deadlines for less than full semester sessions can be found here: Deadlines: Drop, Withdrawal, Pass/Fail, and Audit | Office of the Registrar (

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This site is a resource containing useful information for student enrollment & registration.  Please see side bar for specific information.

For information on academic deadlines and actions that students are directly responsible for, please visit the Academic Calendar at the Registrar's Office main website.



Priority Registration for Spring 2022
PULLMAN CAMPUS-Registration for spring semester 2022 will begin November 8, 2021 according to the schedule below.

Vet Med Students November 8 (2pm)
Graduate Students November 8 (10 min intervals from 8:30-2pm)
Post-Bacc Students November 9 (8am)
Seniors November 9-10 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Juniors November 12 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Sophomores November 15-16 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Freshman November 17-18 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
U of I Coop November 22 (8am)
Non-Degree January 7 (8am)

Newly Admitted Students Registration Spring 2022
Pullman Campus- Registration for Spring 2022 will begin according to the schedule below.

Exchange November 18 (8am)
Former Students Returning November 22 (8am)
New Post-Bacc Students November 22 (8am)
Graduate Students December 1 (8am)
First Year Students January 6 (holds will prevent registering until date of orientation session)
Non-degree January 7 (8am)



Registration & Enrollment 411
Records & Registration 411